Elderflower Cider

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Our Delicious Elderflower Cider is crisp and less sweet than other fruit ciders currently available. They all have a good quality base cider, Made with fresh pressed bittersweet apples, this smooth and flavourful cider is enhanced by the addition of elderflower juice. This deliciously floral hint floats above the apple notes to give a unique taste. It’s at its best served well-chilled as an aperitif. They contain no artificial flavourings or sweeteners and this allows the delicious natural flavours to shine.

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1 review for Elderflower Cider

  1. Meg

    WOW! Beautiful cider, very easy to drink! Such lovely flavours that work so well together. Can’t wait to order some more 🙂

    • Henry Boorman

      Thank you Meg! Can’t wait for you to order some more too. Glad your enjoying it!

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