Red Hill Farm Estate
Sustainable Vineyard & Winemaker in the heart of Kent
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Estate Red

Fruity, Fun - A delightful balance smooth medium blend with a hint of oak, you might think this came from Loire! We love medium reds but they are so difficult to grow in cool climates such as the UK - they tend to be light and lacking colour. We have a unique vineyard with a high summer ambient temperature due to its positioning and geology. We've worked tirelessly during and post harvest to bring out the rich flavours and believe we have developed a truly fantastic wine!

Pinot NoIr

A fantastic example of a cool climate Pinot, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.
Very well balanced, medium bodied wine full of red cherry flavours and hints of toasted oak which give a lovely complexity on the palate. Goes extremely well with creamy dishes, soft or mild cheese like brie and goats cheese.

For meat, it compliments well with - chicken, rabbit, game birds and pork.


The words you thought you would never hear: A Full Bodied English Red. A Swiss clone of cabernet franc, this variety is the bonsai of wine! The berries are so small It takes 2 vines to make just 1 bottle! Howver this means there is 4x more grape skin which contains most of the colour and tannins.

Rondo Rose

The Red Rosé crave is back with a vengeance, but with a sophisticated delicious twist. We make a darker rose as the tannin allows us to use less sulphates. This, however, still means it can be compared to your favourite blush! We keep our Rosé dry which enhances the flavours and is healthier with fewer calories. The lower alcohol at 10.5% also makes it perfect as a lunch or afternoon wine! We hope you love it as much as we do!