Enjoy three or four products from our cellar every quarter with an accompanying invite to a live stream, interactive session with our winemaker. You’ll be guided through a 60-minute session on how to sip, swirl, and taste each wine. Our winemaker will share some secrets on what’s happening in the vineyard and cellar, bringing to life the world of English viticulture! The wines will range from our Estate Favourites to those direct from the bottling line, allowing you to experience the full range of our vintages.

Where possible, you can also collect your box of wine directly from the vineyard. For your trip, you’ll receive up to 2 complimentary glasses of wine in lieu of the shipping cost. If not possible to visit us directly, we will ship your wine to you through insured delivery via DHL.


£50.00 £45.00 every 3 months Sign up

Your box of wine for each quarter – a saving of 10-25% on normal prices

Access to the virtual sesssion

Special Event & access to boutique vintages

you will receive a voucher to join us on a vineyard and cellar tour for two as a ‘thank you’ from us for your third tasting session.

Less than 50p per day, charged quaterly with the delivery each quarter to help spread the cost

Cancel at any time


£210.00 £200.00 every 1 year Sign up

Great for a gift! & you save £10. Included with the first seasons delievery wil be a voucher to join us on a vineyard and cellar tour for two.

All 4 Deliveries INCLUDED


£420.00 £395.00 every 2 years Sign up

In addition to what’s included with the annual but with a £25 saving. you will also receive a vine lease certificate for the period and the opportunity to come harvest with us!

8 Deliveries INCLUDED

In addition to the above, you will also receive a massive 25% discount for each of the products included in the quarterly tasting, as well as a 10% discount on the rest of our range!

All subscriptions can be ended a fortnight before renewal. The price may increase for each subscription due to changes in duty rates and produciton costs however we aim to keepp this a good value and the price the same