The Estate Vineyard

It started with one vine....
...we now have over 27,000, all grown using sustainable practices.
Our goal is to free expression of nature, of grapes and vines,
with little but precise human intervention, to craft wines that
are more open, expressive and full of character,
echoing the soil on which they were grown.

Wine Essentials

Our engagements of our wines...
From our vines to Our wine, We can control the process and encourage the nature phenolics of the grapes to be expressed as a whole. We intervene as little as possible in order not to change the nature of our wines, making them more open, expressive and unique. The grapes are harvest when perfect with the winery minutes from the vineyards so the grapes are speedy pressed to ensure freshness and quality.
  • Pinot Noir

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  • Vintage Brut Rosé

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  • Estate English Red

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  • Sale!

    Apple Juice (Braeburn)

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Our Wines

A world-class range of sparkling and still wines
We strive to push the boundaries of English wine through innovative ways of thinking. Great wine is all about balance. Decisions taken to achieve this start in the vineyard but continue throughout the winemaking process. Our sparkling wines are produced using the Traditional Method, the same method used in Champagne, where the bubbles occur naturally within the bottle. Our still wines are an aromatic delicacy full of English fruit crispness why not treat yourself to a bottle of our English strawberry and cream rose...


We respect the environment and the ecosystems of the flora and fauna by choosing to practice sustainable viticulture

Carbon foot prints

We use high performance, zero carbon footprint closure for premium our sparkling wines. To minimise the mpact on the environment.

100 % Recyclable

We try our best to recycle everything from second-hand equipment through to 100% recyclable labels and bottles.

Get in touch

We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team...

Redhill Estate Winery, 337-339 Redhill, Wateringbury Kent. ME1985LB UK

+44 (0) 20 3355 3023