Contract Winemaking

We have the latest winery technology with temperature controlled tanks, beaterless destemming, cross-flow filter and fully automated bottling & finishing line as well as a semi automatic disgorging line. We can offer competitive rates at contract winemaking for local vineyards & retail clients.

For 0.5 to 1.5 Tonnes of Fruit

We can offer co-op fermented of white and sparkling. We process your fruit with other local growers to make a certified PGI wine. We charge typically £3.5/ex per bottle for a still and £6.5/ex for a sparkling wine.

For 1.5 Tonnes of Fruit or More

We can offer single batch PDO / PGI wine production to suit your requirements for as low as £5/ex for a still bottle and £8.5/ex for a sparkling wine.