Volunteers & Opportunities

A great Place to work

What is better than working in a vineyard, Learn and develop technical skills in a therapeutic environment. We can offer a variety of casual work and experiences throughout the year.



January – March 

Learn and practice pruning on vines. 1 to 1 or in a group. Cutting techniques, structure and deep understanding of how pruning affects plant growth, training and crop management which can be applied to a number of other trellised plants.


November – April

Hands on experience making English wine! Tasting the musts or wines in the process, understanding what the processes, problems and solutions are in making wines.


June – September

Casual and flexible.A number of therapeutic jobs such as Leaf stripping, tucking in or bud rubbing. Nothing strenuous Just easy fun work outside usually in the sun.


September – October

Come and picking with us. We start early and finish late but start with coffee and a good breakfast and put on a good meal after. Experience the hustle and bustle of picking grapes, how we had harvest and select each bunch for fine English wines. If pressing you can try the grape juice you pick.

Requirements: Own transport, Warm clothing & wellies.


Apprentice / Junior Winery Technician  (Full time or harvest)
  • Packaging and managing of stock
  • Assisting and delegation of with winemaking responsibilities
  • vineyard, retail and sales experience.
Apprentices in Horticulture or Marketing