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    Apple Juice (Braeburn)

    The best apple juice in the world, well we think so. Fantastic flavours, crisp, good sugars and acidity balance. We used our skills in the vineyard and winery to select, pick, press, cold stabilised, naturally clarify great on its own or over ice, as a mixer.

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  • Bacchus

    Bacchus 2017


    THE GRAPE- 100% English Bacchus grapes grown on the estate. A crossing of Riesling and the lesser known Silvaner, a variety known for being able to express terroir. Bacchus produces white grapes. Named after Dionysus the Roman god of wine, fertility, and prophecy.

    APPEARANCE – Green to Gold in colour.

    NOSE – Elderflower and green fruits

    TASTE – A medium dry full of super citrus fruit characters similar to Sauvignon Blanc but with distinctive tones of elderflower, gooseberry, melon and lemon.


    COMPLEMENTS –Goes perfectly with Italian creamy pastas, Asian spices and traditional roast pork,

    Alcohol                     11.5%

    Ph                               3.04

    Residual Sugar         <5.2 G/L

    Sulphur                     0.18 G/L

    Tartaric Acid            8.3 G/L

    HOW IS IT MADE– By getting the hand-picked bunches into the winery from vine to press within the hour, fermenting slowly in stainless steel and resting on lees to mellow before racking, filtering and bottling.

    CONSUME –Now, Chilled

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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  • Estate English Red

    Estate English Red 2016




    Single Estate, Single Block, Single Ferment then Blended


    THE GRAPES- 100% English Rondo, (Burgundian) Pinot Noir, Cabernet Noir grapes grown on the estate

    APPEARANCE – Ruby Red, great clarity.

    NOSE – fruity, plum and strawberry.

    TASTE – A medium red with mellowed, tannic undertones & long fruit filled finish.


    Alcohol                     12%

    Ph                               3.11

    Residual Sugar         <0.1G/L

    Sulphur                     0.05 G/L

    Tartaric Acid            5.3G/L

    HOW IS IT MADE– By getting it into the winery from vine to winery within the hour. The green stems from the bunches are gently removed, the berries are then crushed and open fermented for 14 days punching down the skins into the must encouraging the interaction with the skins and fermenting juices. One third is fermented and aged in barrel during malolactic and then on lees for 6 months. After it is racked its blended and bottled.

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    Keep cellared

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rondo Rosé

    Rondo Rosé 2017


    THE GRAPE- 100% English Rondo Grapes grown on the estateA grape variety Saint Laurence and Zarya Severa, Created in 1964 By Vilém Kraus! Its grows extremely well in clay soils and cool climates.

    APPEARANCE – Deceivingly dark as a rose, but don’t be fooled this fruity dry rose is fantastic – very easy drinking.

    NOSE – A hit of red hedgerow berries

    TASTE – Like the start of the English summer. Refreshing, strawberry with a creamy undertone, so drinkable and only 10%!


    COMPLEMENTS –Enjoy with a BBQ, in the garden or smoked or grilled vegetables, meats or fish. Alternatively mix it with fruit, orange juice and brandy over ice to make Anglicised Sangria.

    Alcohol                     10.5%

    Ph                               3.42

    Residual Sugar         <0.1 G/L

    Sulphur                     0.09 G/L

    Tartaric Acid            6.6 G/L

    HOW IS IT MADE– By getting it into the winery from vine to winery within the hour.. The green stems from the bunches are removed and held in press for half an hour before extracting the juice- this gives it a wonderful colour. The juice is fermented in a stainless-steel tank and kept from fermenting too hot. The wine is kept on lees for over a month to bring the creamy notes to the wine. It is then fine filtered before bottling.

    CONSUME –Now, Chilled

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegan.

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